Utility Functions

The Utility Functions are the backbone of Actor Clipboard Pro, offering essential capabilities that enhance your Unreal Engine workflow. From finding classes by name to configuring clipboard settings, these functions provide the fundamental tools you need to customize and optimize your development environment. Whether it’s setting the input box text or choosing copy formats, these utilities are designed to streamline your project management.

Function Name Function Call Example
Get Class by Name UActorManagement::GetClassByName(TEXT(“YourClassName”));
Set Input Box Text UActorManagement::SetInputBoxText(TEXT(“New Text”));
Set Should Copy to Clipboard UActorManagement::SetShouldCopyToClipboard(true);
Set Copy Format UActorManagement::SetCopyFormat(ECopyFormat::Array);
Set Organization Format UActorManagement::SetOrganizationFormat(EOrganizationMethod::OrgFolderClass);

Description: Finds a class in the project by its name.

ClassName – FString: The name of the class to find.

Description: Sets the text for the input box in the Actor Clipboard Pro user interface.

NewNameString – FString: The new text to set in the input box.

Description: Configures whether the actors should be copied to the clipboard.

bNewStatus – bool: The new status to set for copying to clipboard.

Description: Sets the format to use when copying actors to the clipboard.

NewFormat – ECopyFormat: The new format to set for copying actors.

Description: Sets the method for organizing actors into folders.

NewFormat – EOrganizationMethod: The new method to set for organizing actors.