Open Positions

  • Unreal Engine Developer - Multiplayer Specialist:
    Multiplayer development in Unreal Engine using Blueprint or C++.
  • 3D Artist - Specialized in Hard Surface:
    Expertise in modeling inanimate objects and structures. Responsible for creating high-quality hard surface models.
  • Character Artist:
    Creation and development of characters, including both human-like and creature designs. Responsible for creating high-quality organic surface models.
  • Technical Apparel Artist:
    Specialized in designing and modeling clothing and fabrics, emphasizing fabric dynamics, realism, and clothing fit for character models.
  • 3D Animator:
    Responsible for bringing characters and scenes to life through animation.
  • Game Audio Designer:
    Creation of immersive audio content, including sound effects, ambient soundscapes, and audio editing for a dynamic game environment.
  • Graphic Designer:
    Designing visual elements such as game assets, promotional graphics, and user interface components. Creative flair and strong visual communication skills needed.
  • Content Creator:
    Producing engaging and creative content for various digital platforms, including gameplay videos, blogs, and social media. Video editing and digital storytelling skills are crucial.
  • Discord Community Manager & Text Writer:
    Overseeing the Discord community, engaging with players, moderating discussions, and crafting compelling texts for game descriptions and marketing materials.

Our Commitment to You

A unique opportunity to work in a professional yet relaxed environment, fostering open communication and collaboration within the team.

• Work with a motivated team open to new ideas and innovation.
• Benefit from our professional guidance and resources to enhance your personal growth in a professional setting.
• Access iClone8/CC4 animation tools and 3DS MAX licenses for 3D-Artists, along with MS Teams & 365 Business resources provided free of charge.
• Start on a voluntary basis, with the potential for remuneration upon project success where each team member is contractually protected regarding potential compensation.

What we expect

We expect both motivation and availability for weekend meetings, as well as a basic proficiency in English.
Using webcams to enhance communication effectiveness is recommended, though not mandatory.

Please be aware that all of us at VoidLab are developing this project in our spare time, as we are not yet generating revenue.
Therefore, we are unable to offer financial compensation to participants at this stage


If you are passionate about gaming, survival or creativity
and believe you are a fit for any of these roles, we'd love to hear from you!
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