Actor Management

Transform the way you handle actors in Unreal Engine with our Actor Management tools. These functions provide a streamlined approach to organizing, renaming, and managing actors within your projects. With features like sequential renaming and efficient actor organization, maintaining clarity and order in complex scenes becomes effortless.

Function Name Function Call Example
Organize Actors Into Folders UActorManagement::OrganizeActorsIntoFolders(ActorsArray);
Highlight and Copy Actor UActorManagement::HighlightAndCopyActor(TargetActor);
Rename Actors Sequentially UActorManagement::RenameActorsSequentially(ActorsToRename, TEXT(“NewActorBaseName”));
Select Actors UActorManagement::SelectActors(ActorsArray);
Retrieve Organized and Copy Actors UActorManagement::RetrieveOrganizedAndCopyActors(MyActorClass, true);

Description: Organizes selected actors into folders according to the specified settings.

ActorsToOrganize – TArray: The array of actors to organize.

Description: Highlights the specified actor in the editor and copies it to the clipboard if desired.

Asset – AActor*: The actor to highlight and copy.

Description: Renames a list of actors sequentially based on the provided base name.

Actors – TArray: The actors to rename.
BaseName – FString: The base name to use for renaming.

Description: Selects a list of actors within the editor.

ActorsToSelect – TArray: The actors to be selected.

Description: Retrieves, organizes, and copies the selected actors to the clipboard.

FilterClass – UClass*: The class to filter the actors by.
bClearList – bool: Clears the list before adding new actors if set to true.