Clipboard Operations

Enhance your Unreal Engine experience with Clipboard Operations. This suite of tools is designed to simplify the way you interact with the system clipboard, offering functionalities like copying actors or text, retrieving clipboard content, and even searching within the clipboard. These functions are essential for a smooth and efficient workflow in your game development process.

Name Function Call Example
Copy Actors to Clipboard UActorManagement::CopyActorsToClipboard(SelectedActors, false);
Copy Text to Clipboard UActorManagement::CopyTextToClipboard(TEXT(“Sample text to copy”));
Get Clipboard Text FString ClipboardText = UActorManagement::GetClipboardText();
Is Clipboard Empty bool bIsClipboardEmpty = UActorManagement::IsClipboardEmpty();
Search in Clipboard bool bFound = UActorManagement::SearchInClipboard(TEXT(“search term”));

Description: Copies the specified actors to the system clipboard in the chosen format.

ActorsToCopy – Array of AActor pointers: The actors to be copied.
bCopyAnyway – bool: If set to true, the copy action is forced.

Description: Copies a string of text to the system clipboard.

Text – FString: The text to be copied.

Description: Retrieves the current text from the system clipboard.

Description: Checks if the system clipboard is empty.

Description: Searches for a specific text within the system clipboard.

SearchText – FString: The text to search for in the clipboard.