Fall in Duty is an action packed multi/local player post-apocalyptic game. With different game modes and an exciting Storyline, it tells the tale of a former S.W.A.T member who lost his team during a mission. With unprecedented multiplayer match systems, exciting survival adventure and realistic feeling. But it offers you even more than that.


It tells the story of a former S.W.A.T. member who lost his team during a mission.
In the mission he lost not only his team, he also lost his memory. In the course of the story you will be confronted again and again with the past and recover fragments of your memory. Find a way to save humanity and find out what happened to your team back then.

This mode is wave based.
The goal is to reach the highest wave and the highest place in the scoreboard. Challenge your friends or play alone and become the best survivalist the world has ever seen. A lot of enemies are waiting for you. Do you think you are ready for them?


Dead Side:
This game mode is about naked survival in a “small” Open World. The goal is to complete the map by finding all the necessary parts, events and Eastereggs. In this mode, a small story is told that is revealed throughout the progress of the map.


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Fall in Duty

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