The analyst’s were the most powerful and oldest life forms. They had made it their mission to protect the balance of the universe.

Analytical World tells an exciting story between the last surviving analyst and the attempt to rescue the Earth.
A rogue virus spreads across the earth suddenly, rapidly and without cause. The last analyst is on his own and needs to decide quickly, act wisely and above all, explore, chase and uncover the mysteries behind the phantom.
In an interactive, open 2D world, you’ll explore the secrets of the mysterious virus that is erasing planets. Your top priority is to save the remaining survivors and save the planets from doomsday. With your analyzer you will discover progressively more information and explore the world of the analytical universe.
While playing, you will discover more than only the story behind the Phantom or how you can stop the virus, you will also encounter a lot of funny situations, tons of Eastereggs and many references to various trends, memes and more.


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Analytical World

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